ECC 6.0 EhP8 on Hana DB

ECC (Enterprise Central Component) is a current release of SAP’s flagship ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product. ECC 6.0 with Enhancement Pack 8 (EhP 8) is the latest release of this product version. SAP’s ERP system integrates all of a company’s core business functions, including:

  • Financial accounting and controlling (FI/CO)
  • Materials Management (MM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • HCM (Human Capital Management) or HR (Human Resources)
    and all other standard modules

The ECC 6.0 system is the successor to the previous SAP product R/3.

Was ist in ECC 6.0 enthalten?

Gain hands-on experience in a live SAP system. This system contains SAP’s IDES (International Demo & Education System) data, including basic configuration, master data (i.e. vendors, customers, material, etc.) and transactions (i.e. invoices, payments, purchase orders, etc.).



Get hands-on experience with SAP ECC 6.0 on the HANA database. Lightning-fast data speeds with the latest in-memory technology.

ECC Konfiguration


Standard SAP IDES configuration included for all modules. Use the existing configuration settings or create your own.

ECC Master Data and Transaction

Master data and transactions

MMC has already installed the standard SAP business scenarios, including basic configuration and sample master data (i.e. vendors, customers, materials, etc.) & transactions (invoices, payments, etc.).

ECC Access & Authorization

Access & Authorizations

Full access to all configuration transactions and end-user functions. Create or modify your own data



The 24/7 online helpdesk provides fast and efficient support for technical SAP errors and authorization issues.



Everything you need to get started is included with no hidden fees. We provide you with the SAP GUI to log into our systems, as well as download and installation instructions.

Included modules

SAP APO – Advanced Planning & Optimization

SAP BW – Business Warehousing

SAP CRM – Customer Relationship Management

SAP CS – Customer Service = Kundenservice

SAP ECM – Enterprise Content Management

SAP EHS – Environment, Health & Safety = Gefahrgutmanagement

SAP ESS – Employee Self-Services

SAP FI/CO – Finanzwesen & Controlling

SAP HCM – Human Capital Management

SAP IM – Investment Management

SAP LE – Logistics Execution = Lagerverwaltung & Versand

SAP LO – Logistik allgemein

SAP MII – SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence = Produktionsintegration

SAP MM – Materials Management

SAP MSS – Manager Self-Services

SAP PLM – Product Lifecycle Management

SAP PM – Plant Maintenance = Instandhaltung

SAP PP – Produktionsplanung

SAP PS – Projektsystem

SAP QM – Qualitätsmanagement

SAP RE FX – Flexible Real Estate Management

SAP SCM – Supply Chain Management

SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

SAP SRM – Supplier Relationship Management

SAP TR – Treasury

SAP WF – Workflow = Arbeitsablauf

SAP WM – Warehouse Management

SAP Live Access – Our Selection

ECC 6.0 with EHP 8 on HANA DB – $119 /monthly

ECC 6.0 with EHP 8 on HANA DB – $1,079 /yearly